Administration Proposes to Rescind $41 Million from Capital Fund

The Trump Administration proposed to rescind $41 million in prior-year unobligated balances from the Capital Fund. Funding for the Capital Fund already lags dangerously behind accruing modernization needs, and this rescission would only exacerbate an already growing capital needs backlog among public housing properties. Currently, the rescission is only a proposal and requires Congressional approval before being enacted. NAHRO will continue to closely monitor Congress’ actions on the rescission and inform members as we learn more. NAHRO's response to this proposal was both swift and unambiguous. 

NAHRO CEO Adrianne Todman released the following statement: The Administration proposes to rescind $41 million in prior-year unobligated balances from the Capital Fund from FY 2015-2017. This would impact vital capital needs projects like new roofs or boiler replacements. This last winter we saw more evidence, not less, of why these Capital Funds are important, with agencies struggling to keep homes adequately heated. Clawing back these funds via rescission would hurt not only the families, seniors, children, veterans and persons with disabilities who live in these homes, but also the plumbers, roofers, and other local businesses who agencies would have contracted with to repair and modernize those homes.  Moreover, we are also concerned that this rescission may impact programs designed to help families achieve self-sufficiency. This is the wrong direction if we care about our communities and the infrastructure that houses them.